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Hi, my name is Laura Castro.

When I was taking my massage course back in 1998 at Instituto Holistica Gaia, I was initially introduced to yoga, Reiki and various meditation techniques. I realised that after each class, I felt more calm inside, my body felt great and in general, I was in a better mood than when I came in. However, I was not conscious to the fact that yoga or Reiki could actually become an integral part of my life.

The years passed; in 2001, after I graduated from the massage course, I soon found myself abroad and in love. It had been some time since I had stopped doing yoga; distracted by other things that seemed 



 A Journey through Self Discovery.

more important. As I entered my late twenties, I broke off my overseas engagement and returned to Costa Rica; needless to say, terribly depressed. After another year of valiantly trying to get myself together, I felt miserable; utterly and totally lost. I couldn't remember why I even wanted to be alive. I needed to find a new purpose and meaning to life.



Desperate to change the self destructive path I was on, a spark ignited; suddenly, I remembered my yoga experiences. Heading straight to the book store (I know, I am old fashioned with some things!) I bought a yoga book that came with a CD. Quickly memorising the routine, I incorporated the sequence within my daily rituals along with a vowel sound meditation I also once had cherished.
By this time, another relationship in my life was ending, product of more good intentions with weak resolves. By the time the emotional hurricane blew over, I found myself in Puerto Jiménez, of the Osa Peninsula. I had never been there and it was far away from everything I had known; the answer to silent prayers. I had come to the point that I was willing to change whatever I needed to change in order to get my motivation and inspiration back. I committed myself to getting out of the horrible state of depression.

Large red Macaws 'squacked' in greeting as I got off the little boat that had crossed me over the emerald green Golfo Dulce. As my feet regained solid land, I was in shock of the absolute beauty of the place. The Osa welcomed me and beckoned to my soul.
Yoga rapidly became an essential part of my healing process, along with constant conscious breathing, which I realised was the base for all and every meditation. To supplement this inner process, I paid special attention to my eating disorder and began to eat regularly and healthy food.

Having the opportunity to work in one of the amazing Eco-Lodges in the area, every day, I would pick a trail leading into the Rainforest and with a full stomach and a bottle of water, I would immerse myself in nature's green and loving embrace. Making sure to continue the conscious breathing meditations while I walked; each step I took was a step into the present moment, the moment of Now.

Everything I had ever been attached to, had ever felt important, had been ripped out of my life. Yet still, here I was, still breathing, my heart still pumping; there was something that nothing and no one could ever take from me, someone who had always been there with and FOR me... I had finally found the root cause to my unending sadness, I had forgotten about my self! This epiphany was the beginning of my own inner journey, my own path to awakening.

Returning for a few months to the Capital, I enrolled in a 300 hour (U.S. Alliance certified) Yoga Teacher course in San José, Costa Rica, at Yoga Mandir. Altruistically, I felt that through teaching yoga and meditation to others, I could find a way to contribute back to Life the opportunities that Life had given to me. Personally speaking, I had found that there is nothing more fulfilling than helping others to help themselves, it just feels good!

My Yoga practices continued as did my teaching experience, inner growth and healing. I became conscious of my own 'mecanicities' or behaviour patterns that were holding me back, making me fall into the same traps. I became more and more responsible for my emotions, for my 'inner geography' and began the long process of changing those patterns that were not allowing me to love and respect myself. A couple of years later, I received my second Reiki level.
Having been removed from my 'comfort zone', I stopped the self-judgement and began to transform, to heal and grow through lessons of Being Present, acceptance, forgiveness, patience, simplicity, and compassion (first for myself).

Many other experiences followed that helped me to practice again and again all which I was learning through yoga, Reiki, self help books and even a few months of therapy.

The more I teach, the more I learn, for everyone has something to give. Over time, the fruits of these efforts became apparent, not only to me but to those around me... In 2011 I completed Reiki IIIa, integrating the master symbol. 
Currently, I have acheived Reiki Master and am still living on the Peninsula of Osa. I enjoy working with various Eco-lodges and Hotels in the area as a yoga instructor and integral masseuse. In my free time, I read, write fantasy novels, spend time with my dogs and cat, and give service in community art and culture projects.
It is my fondest wish to continue to spread the Light and be of any assistance to all who yearn for a change, a spiritual awakening, and to spread their own Light... One Light... One Love...
I believe in the One... whatever name you want to give it.
The process is always IN PROCESS...

I invite any and all people to commence and continue their own inner journeys.
I promise you it is the adventure of YOUR Life!

Everyone has their own rhythm... BREATHE...
                   Laura Castro Noguès.

                                      Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

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